Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Technology to improve the game! Welcome to the 21st Century Sepp...

Shocking but true, the head of the FIFA finally admitted errors in officiating and the fact could be leveraged to assist the officials!!!! Wow...shocking to say the least. Of course, short of saying he would, Sepp agreed to reopen the research into using technology to help with such situations as the one we saw in the England v Germany game where a Lampard shot was seen by everyone in the stadium, on television and in the international space station that the shot had crossed the line yet the goal was not given. By no fault of the assistant referee who was standing where they are suppose to - watching for the offside. The on the field official was where he should be, behind Lampard and the play so could have a clear sight line to how the ball ricocheted off the cross bar. Of course if the 4th official had, like 4 years ago in the finals and the Zidane head butt, looked at the monitor and seen the ball fall clearly behind the line could have easily indicated to the on the field official - Goal. But of course because the FIFA remains stuck in the 1800s the goal was not granted and England went on to get corrected 4-1. Those who say, well Germany won by 3 goals so that one would not have mattered are not correct. Had the game been tied 2-2 at half, as it should have been, I think the second half would have been much different. Not sure the three lions would have been pushing so far up the pitch and exposing themselves to the German counters.

So now Blatter has to at least allow the debate continue with regards to video. Should it be used for everything, no. But goal line technology is a no brainer - the situation does not arise every game, but when it does it clearly has a huge impact on the game. Also whether or not a ball has crossed the goal line is black and white, there is no judgment something technology and video could render close to fool proof. FIFA already allows it for youth tournaments so now allow the biggest tournament of them all come into the 21st century. It is a first step in making the beautiful game that much better.

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