Monday, March 20, 2006

Chelsea - classes whiners

Anyone who watched this weekend's game between Fulham and Chelsea would have seen the clown prince of the Premiership, Mourinho, putting on his usual act on the side lines. After the game the Clown Prince complained that the referees cost his over paid compilation of footballers a win versus the struggling Cottagers. His primary complaint was that the Drogba goal was only disallowed after the referee sucumbing to much harassment from Fulham consulted with the assistant referee and ruled that Drogba had played the ball with his arm.

First. The referee did the proper thing, there was doubt as to the validity of the goal and he took the time and consulted with his assitant, after simple discussion they got the call right.

Second. If anyone should complain it is Fulham, there was a clear penaly in the first half that should have been called on Terry who blatantly hacked down the Fulham striker in the box.

Finally. The Chelsea team acted in a classes manner at the end of the game, Gallas' foul was inexcusable and his actions as he left the pitch even more sophmoric.

Chelsea is the football class of the Premiership, but they are showing that they are completely classes in all other aspects. And this starts from the top, Mourinho is a complete clown. From his self made rivalry with Weger, where he slinks off the pitch without shaking Weger's hand, to his whining and showmanship versus Barca, all he has done is demonstrated that he is a poor loser and and ingracious winner. The rest of the bunch do not shower themselves in glory either. Drogba constantly complains about every call that goes against him, Essein has demonstrated some lapses in sanity with his tackles, Robben dives and complains at every turn....As was stated on FoxSports, Chelsea are rapidly becoming the most hated team in football. They are destined to flounder under their own weight, I will only be too happy to watch them do so.

I only wish they were not getting Adidas to provide their kits next year.....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

International Friendlies

Yesterday was a day full of friendlies. Some reactions:

England - Uruguay: I was able to watch the game thanks to FoxSoccer. England looked okay, they scored late in the game when Crouch did about the only thing he is good for which is out jump a smaller defender. Cole looked good running around the midfield. But overall I was not impressed with England. They have the pieces but are still looking for the right formation.

Italy - Germany: What can I say, Italy completely destroyed Germany. That does not bode well for the host naton of World Cup 2006. Italy showed that it does have the fire power to go far in the tournament, and all this without Totti, if and when he comes back this team will be very scarey. No one doubts that Italy will be able to play defense, but if they can score look out. For Germany this continues a run of poor games, they have not yet demonstrated they are a true contender. Germany has not done well against stronger opponents and this just continues with this lose.

Now the big one for me....

France - Slovakia....How could the French lose to this team? Actually I am not at all surprised. While I was not able to watch the game, I did watch the game cast on the web. It appears that the first40 minutes were dominated by the French. The combo of Anelka and Trezeguet appeared to work very well. Zidane seems as if he was controlling the distribution of the ball while Vieira was his usual workhorse in the midfield. However once again the French did not capitalize on their opportunities, this is dangerous. The other problem is the French started with 3 defensive midfielders. Why not play Wiltord on one of the wings or have Malouda support Zidane. Dhorasso still does not convince me on the international level. The French lost due to a set play, but should have and could have won the game had they capitalized the first half. I think that there is still time for France to figure out what they are trying to do, but that time is fleeting. Maybe France should play with Trezeguet - Anelka up front, Zidane and Henry behind (allow Henry to roam the field), Vieira and Makelele as holding midfielders, Gallas - Thuram in the middle, Sagnol and Undetermined on the wings....and please have Coupet in net....