Saturday, March 26, 2016

Les Bleus take down Oranje...but some concerns remain

Les Bleus come back from Holland with a 3-2 victory over the Dutch. A game that started out well for France took a bad dip in the start of the second half, but the captain for the day, Matuidi, came through at the dying moments of the game to secure a win. Was there much to learn from this game? Sort of...

The Good:
  • A win is a win....After the past few seasons, getting a win versus a decent national side in their home stadium is still a positive. Les Bleus played a typical friendly game, some good moments, some moments of sleep walking no one expected the intensity of a World Cup or Euro game. France will go into their final match against Russia looking to build on this momentum. 
  • Griezmann - The Atletico Madrid striker continues to grow in stature for France. Partnering with Giroud and Payet (more on him later) appeared to be clicking from the get go. Giroud playing the role he does with Arsenal - a pivot point for the attack - played well with Griezmann running off that fulcrum. His free kick was a thing of beauty as well. Coupled with Payet taking some sumptuous set pieces himself this part of the game offers much hope for fans of Les Bleus. The one possible issue is that Griezmann prefers coming in from the left, a spot that Martial is also more comfortable playing from. If Deschamps decides to lean on Giroud as his main central striker, he will have to leave Martial on his bench. Not a bad option coming in off the bench, but might also be underutilized that talent.
  • Payet - I have never been a huge fan of the former Nantes prospect, but he has been slowly winning me over. His move to West Ham has done him a world of good. Getting out of OM and Ligue 1 has allowed him to take the next step in his career. He is playing with a high level of skill and confidence. Lining up on the right, but really roaming the pitch as a #10 worked well with this formation. His set pieces were dangerous and his shoot from distance are all extremely positive. Could he be the Valbuena at the Euros? Seems that way.
  • Pogba - The Juventus #10 is an absolute beast. He is growing into a true "box to box" midfielder. He was making strong tackles, launching attacks, taking defenders on and bringing offensive options to the side. France will lean heavily on their Juventus midfielder. He needs to continue to mature but the future is bright for the former Manchester United player.
 The Bad
  • Still many questions on defense - The back 4 still has some shaky moments. I am not confident with our outside backs. Evra is old. Digne and Jallet can be shaky at times, allowing their man to get past them too quickly. Varane and Kos are sold in the middle of the park, but at times are asked to do too much to cover for the outside backs. Deschamps will have some work to do with regards to figuring out who he leans on from a fullback role. It feels that he will go with the veterans such as Evra and Sagna...ugh.
 The Ugly:
  • Can Les Bleus defend set pieces?? Two goals on set pieces. Granted the first goal should have been called back due to a hand ball. But Kos was hanging on to De Jong like he was a 5 year old on the deep end of the pool and De Jong was his life preserver. On the second goal...ouch...Afellay was WIDE open. Not good man marking on that corner kick...once again things that France struggle with. These will burn Les Bleus if not solved.
Decent game for Les Bleus. Let's see what happens next week versus Russia. As France have only another 90 minutes of football before the final roster of players is set for the Euros, it will be interesting to see who DD wants to see. Clearly the core list is probably in mind. I think the midfield will be the one place where there is some competition for spots. We shall see what falls out after next tuesday.

Allez Les Bleus!

Honoring the great Cruyff

Thursday, March 17, 2016

DD reveals last list before the Euros - should we read into anything?

First, I have been terrible and haven't written in months. With the Euros rapidly approaching I hope to change this.

So Deschamps released his list of players for the upcoming friendly matches versus Holland and Russia. The list -

Gardiens de but : Lloris, Mandanda, Costil.
Défenseurs : Sagna, Jallet, Evra, Digne, Varane, Koscielny, Sakho, Mathieu.
Milieux de terrain : Pogba, Matuidi, Diarra, Sissoko, Kanté, Cabaye.
Attaquants : Griezman, Martial, Giroud, Coman, Gignac, Payet.

Some interesting players in and out.

First the players that are in this list. Starting with the engine from Leicester City - Kante. The midfielder is having a massive coming out party this season. With his side sitting atop the Premiership and he playing a massive role in their success, no surprise he has been thrust into the spotlight. While I have not heard it yet, but the comparison to me is to the likes of Makelele. A player with an enormous work rate that plays bigger than his physical stature. A deserved call up indeed. Now where he could fit in the formation, that is the question, more on that later. Gignac once again in the list. The former OM striker is playing very well for his Mexican side, but once he left for Liga MX it felt as if he had put his international future in the rear view mirror. But combined with Benzema's sex tape scandal and Gignac's goal scoring form he has forced his way back in the picture. But this is also an indication of the thinness for France when it comes to strikers. The days of having Henry, Trezeguet and Cisse to lean on are long gone (don't forget going into the World Cup 2002 those three were all the leading scorers of their domestic leagues: England, Italy and France). Also interesting to see Mathieu back in the fold. With the injury to Zouma, I thought that DD might have called up Laporte from Atheltic Bilbao, especially since there are rumors that the Spanish national team have interest in getting him to flip.

Players that were left off, starting with Benzema. Okay no real surprise here. The Real Madrid striker remains embroiled in his sex tape black mail situation...idiot. And it is clear that DD is sticking by the FFF's punishment. Question is - will they change their minds come the summer? Speaking of sex tape, Valbuena was also left off the list. He hasn't been in great form, but he had become somewhat of a DD binky in recent years. No Kurzawa. Maybe not a surprise since he is not getting regular time with PSG, but it is more that Evra got called up. WHY??? I am not sure why the former Manchester United left back continues to get play at the international level.

So now the question becomes, what will DD do with regards to formation and line up? With his
Will he get a call up?
preferred, at least recently, 4-3-3 there remains the issue of who will play at the top of the attacking trident and who mans the right wing? With Griezman and Martial there are options of playing these two one on the left one in the center but allowing them to interchange during the match. Without Valbuena there isn't a right wing option, unless Payet slots there. Coman could as well. But not sure the Bayern man will be getting the start or seen as more of a wild card off the bench. The second trident should be straight forward with Pogba, Matuidi and Sissoko. The back line should be anchored by Kos and Varane. It would have been nice to see Laporte since I think he offers a nice option that might be better than Sakho who is trick or treat. Question is will DD go with the younger backs of Jallet and Digne or the veterans? I am not overly excited about either to be blunt....In goal we should see the usual - Lloris.

Now it would be interesting to see if DD decided to go back to a 4-2-3-1. Putting a Gignac or Giroud as lone striker. But does France have a true #10 that could play in the center of the park? Not sure. But that formation would allow DD to possible play a combo of Kante/Cabaye/Diarra in front of the back four. Then lean on Pogba/Griezman/Matuidi in the offense end.

I would think that most of the players on this list should be at the Euros this summer. What remains to be seen is what happens at the fullback slots, how does DD handle his strikers and what formation will he lean on?

Allez les Bleus!!