Saturday, June 19, 2010

The French ship keeps taking water - Anelka you SOB

Waking up this morning I was looking forward to reading the English tabloids to read about how poorly the Three Lions were playing and how the "savior" Capello was not living up to his reputation. Instead I have been spending my time reading about how the French camp has been thrown even deeper into malaise, hard to believe. All revolving around Anelka losing his mind...

According to L'Equipe there was a bust up between Anelka and Domenech at the half time of the Mexico match. To recap - Domenech apparently told Anelka that he was drifting too deep and was not holding the position he was play as the center forward. Anelka then treated Domenech to some verbal abuse telling the gaffer to "F*** off, you SOB" after which Domenech told the Chelsea man he was going to be substituted in favor of Gignac.

Just when you thought the French soap opera could not get any does. Of course this is completely unacceptable and Anelka needs to leave the squad. While Anelka has changed his ways and had apparently matured the past few years, the old "sulk" can still rear its ugly head. The sad truth is that what Anelka said to Domenech is what 65 million French fans have wanted to tell the manager...I know I have wanted to say this on more than 1 occasion. Clearly the camel has had a broken back for at least 6 months if not 2 years, this was not the final straw just the latest public affirmation of what we all knew - Domenech has completely lost the team. The cracks really started months ago when they were rumors that Henry confronted Domenech during a training session.  After the manager criticized his team, Henry turned around and said that he and his teammates had grown frustrated by the fact they were lost, unclear of their strategy, had no style and basically had no idea what was expected by the manager. Of course the federation, Domenech and Henry started a crash PR campaign after this showing unity only to see Henry banished to the bench! Based on some reports, this latest incident comes after Anelka has constantly communicated with Domenech that he is not a true center forward, but more a supporting forward like he is at Chelsea. Apparently this fell on deaf ears. Apparently Anelka had had enough at half time of the Mexico game. We cannot forget that Anelka was one of the few players that supported Domenech...the fact the incredible sulk has become so frustrated and angry at the manager is telling.

So with one game to go in the Domenech era, it is clear that the team no longer listens to him, that he has completely lost the plot and that once again Escalettes needs to face the music as to why he has stayed with such an incompetent manager for this long. Add to this the story from Houllier that Domenech has completely gone rogue and it paints an ugly picture for France - the fact Domenech did not even tell the youth manager about who he was selecting for the World Cup is criminal.

France head into the last game which such a cloud over its head I would not be surprised if Les Bleus give the hosts a victory. Les Bleus have been shamefully bad. I blame Domenech I blame Escalettes I blame the players. The players needed to show some pride and professionalism - but sometimes after being led wandering in the desert for the past 6 years by an incompetent manager it takes its toll. Escalettes and Domenech, on the other hand, have zero excuses. Both have been given chance after chance...and have done nothing but waste supporters' time, money and passion.

Anelka needs to apologize to his teammates, the federation and the fans. He then need to return home. Domenech needs to apologize to everyone for wasting the past 2+ years of this team. Shameful.


philip said...

I actually think this will all help. All the secrets are coming out and the players, well Toulalan is admitting they don't play as a team. France would make excuses why they were playing bad first it was the fans then the vuvuzelas NO it was them. They finally realize that and if they care one bit they will work together as hard as it might for them and win the next game.

Also I did not know Gourcuff's only friend was Toulalan

GFC said...

I think the whole Gourcuff saga is a microcosm of the chasm between the veterans and what is perceived as the new generation. I am sure that the constant reflection of Gourcuff as the new Zidane might be frustrating for players such as Ribery as well. But to me it all comes back to leadership - on the field and in the dressing room. It is lacking on both levels.

Catherine said...

Something we all should forget.... :(

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