Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Change in the air for France

News from France's World Cup camp is that there might be 2 changes made for the clash versus Mexico. With France looking offensively challenged against Uruguay and Domenech losing his nerve - going back with a more traditional 4-2-3-1 there might be some new faces on the pitch. If Domenech is set on going back to his usual 4-2-3-1 then clearly Diaby and Toulalan are the most likely pairing in front of the back 4. The Arsenal man has clearly demonstrated he
deserves a place in the starting XI. Up front, Ribery is the only player that appears secure in his starting role so what about the others? Anelka has worked hard but few legitimate scoring results. Govou...well we all know how I feel about the former Lyon player. Gourcuff appears to be suffering from his season long malaise and is not able to replicate his form from 2 seasons ago. So what to do?

Malouda should be on the pitch, but Ribery is on the left...so do you move Ribery to the middle? Anelka seems out of sorts up front so move him to the right? From the reports it would appear that Malouda will slot as left wing, Ribery in the center and Anelka on the right with either Henry or Gignac up front - odd men out - Gourcuff and Govou.

Once again I am not clear as to why Domenech insists on playing players out of their normal positions - Anelka on the right? I know he has played there before but....not sure. If you want Anelka on the right maybe go back to a traditional 4-4-2. Have Anelka and Henry/Gignac up front as the striker pair. Midfield of Malouda, Ribery, Toulalan and Diaby. Granted your right flank will be a little bare once again.

Or wait a minute...maybe play someone who evolves in that position for his club....Valbuena! Hey that is a novel idea. Let us put a right winger on the right!! Once again Inspector Clouseau will bumble his way through to the next game without any apparent real strategy.


Adam said...

I've also heard that Gallas is injured, so there might be a new CB as well.

GFC said...

Good point, Gallas us supposedly nursing another leg injury. He did not look 100% against Uruguay, might we see Squillaci? I would be comfortable with that.