Monday, June 14, 2010

Zizou calls it as he sees it - Les Bleus are out of sorts

No surprise but former France star Zinedine Zidane took his national team to task, something we are all doing right now. The basic gist of Zizou's criticism is that the players need to step up on the field and play as a unit the overarching issue is...drum roll...the trainer and his lack of communication. No surprise there. None of this is new to anyone who has suffered while watching Les Bleus over the past 2 years. It has become almost comical to hear all the voices critical of Les Bleus and then hear their idiotic manager come out and try to paint a pretty picture of the situation. It reminds me of Alferd P Newman, the Mad Magazine mascot, "What me worry?" Every time I hear or read what Domenech is spouting that image comes to mind.

As more time has gone on since the Uruguay match, I have come to realization that the South African adventure might be very short lived. Watching other sides - Germany, Argentina, Holland even the US - you realize very quickly that while France have ridiculous amount of talent available, the leadership is completely lacking and devoid of intelligence. Watching the Argentina match what struck me was what appears to be a desire to play for Argentina and for Maradona. Regardless of what you think of the former Argentine captain he commands the respect of his players. Alas no one respects Domenech, whatever his players say publicly the effort and results on the pitch give the true story.

What is frustrating is Escalettes, by sticking with the Inspector Clouseau, has wasted golden opportunities to contend for some silverware. While France has become one of the global games powers, it cannot afford to ever "take off" any tournaments. Unfortunately sticking with Inspector Domenech, France has taken a step if not 2 back. Rather than being able to build of the success of the 1998ers and integrating the next generation of the likes of Benzema - Nasri - Ben Arfa - Menez. the manager has fumbled and bumbled his way to South Africa. Les Bleus have very little hope of doing much this tournament, there is a good chance they might not make it out of the group. Blame the players if you want, they do deserve to shoulder some of the blame. However it is the man that has led them for so long that shoulders the bulk of the blame. The nice thing is he will be gone very soon, the sad part is that  his ineptitude has set Les Bleus back. Good luck Laurent Blanc, your task is only getting more difficult.


philip said...

France is a mess. But I do see them beating Mexico. I know this doesn't mean much but Mexico never won against France. So at worst maybe another draw because France always wait till the last minute.

S.A- 4
Uruguay-1 after Thursday

JLP said...

France will beat Mexico
SA will tie all its games, including the one against France

France 5
SA 3
Uruguay 3 (but less goals)
Mexico 2

The stars align. Justice prevails. The world can move on.

GFC said...

Ha I like it JLP! I know that El Tri have never beaten Les Bleus. But that an $4.00 gets you a venti coffee at Starbucks! I realize I am being overly negative right now, but I just have not seen anything new or anything that would give me a glimmer of hope from France...for really the past 2 years. Who believes that this will magically change before Thursday? Unlike 4 years ago we do not have one of the greatest players of all time to turn to...