Friday, June 11, 2010

France v Uruguay 1st half....not much bad not much good

0-0 after 46 minutes of football between Uruguay and France...not sure what to make of the half. France had some good moments...unfortunately Govou was at the end of one and could not score from point blank range - maybe Valbuena would have turned the ball into the Uruguayan goal. Just saying.

Ribery was solid over spurts and disappeared for too much of the half. Diaby looks very strong in his tackles and carrying the ball up the pitch. Anelka had some decent chances but still seems to be dropping to deep for his own good. As for Uruguay they are defending very deep, no surprise, but Forlan and Suarez scare me, they both clearly need one mistake by the French and could crucify Les Bleus. Lloris is playing very well and that is the one variable that might save France's bacon during this match.

The one aspect I hope does not cost one of the teams is the pitch, it appears the turf has not caught on 100% - similar to the problems teams face when playing on the new pitch at Wembley. Notice how many players and the ref are slipping making simple starts and stops...I hope this does not come back to haunt a team in the second half (especially if that team is Les Bleus!)


philip said...

sighhhhhhh can we just end this torture and put Blanc in charge.

GFC said...

Anyone...anyone would be better than Domenech! I fear that we will see Blanc in charge much sooner than we would hope yet not soon enough to save this team.