Sunday, June 06, 2010

Diaby to infuse panache to the French game?

One positive aspect I have taken from the otherwise lack luster performance from France over the last 3 games is the dynamic Diaby brings to the pitch.  The often injured Arsenal man has always had the "potential" to be a great player for club and country - he has shown glimmers of his potential but too often sees those spurts derailed by injuries. This past season is one where he finally was able to remain on the pitch consistently. Is he an option to play a greater role this World Cup?

Anyone who has followed this team during the Domenech era knows one thing - expect the unexpected. No one would be surprised if this Friday Domenech rolled out a 4-2-3-1 or even a 4-4-2 or started Henry as if Diaby somehow finds himself as a started one should not be shocked. What Diaby would bring is more height (Diaby is 6'3" while Malouda is under 6') and a more "defensive" oriented midfielder. The problem would be forcing Malouda to the bench which I am not sure would be a net gain. On the flip side could we see a 4-2-3-1 again with Diaby and Toulalan as the back 2, a midfield of Malouda - Gourcuff - Ribery (forcing the Munich winger to the side he does not like - the right) and have the lone striker - Henry or Anelka?? Of course this would be somewhat problematic since Domenech has been going with the 4-3-3 since Tignes.

Diaby is a nice player who offers some options, the real problem however is not whether or not Diaby should start over Malouda, but who should start over Govou on the right!

A little compilation of what the Arsenal man can do -


philip said...

If he does not play this world cup im sure he will have much playing time when Blanc is in charge. That is if he is not injured.

GFC said...

I think, at least I hope, he is given some time at this World Cup. I agree that we might see more of Diaby on the pitch once Blanc takes over. Unfortunately Blanc cannot take over the team on June 10 2010....