Saturday, June 19, 2010

Something smells rotten in South Africa

A traitor amongst us....those are the words spoken from the current French captain - Evra. According to Manchester United man there is no anger towards Anelka, no ill will from the players. The Chelsea striker has been sent home, without any dinner. However according to the "incredible sulk" the words attributed to him are not those he used. While he admits having a discussion at half time, he claims it was not as heated as L'Equipe would have  you believe. The damage is done, and he is heading back to France.

Yet the soap opera continues - according to Evra there is someone within the organization that is looking to bring down the team and must be "eliminated." Can we please end this circus? Soon?

What I find ironic is Inspector Clouseau left Nasri and Benzema off the squad because they had "attitude problems." How is this anywhere as bad as it was in 2008? Doubtful. What is surprising is that Evra did not come to the aide of his manager, clearly made it visible to everyone that while Anelka heads home alone, no one seems to want to come defend their lame duck Inspector Clouseau. Maybe, as many are thinking, the mole is actual the inspector himself. Wouldn't surprise me. Of course I am sure that Domenech will find a way to blame someone like...say...Gourcuff, since we are all piling on the young Bordeaux playmaker.

Can we invite Ireland to play the last game against South Africa?


philip said...

I would be very happy if france can come home with a victory that is all i want. I don't want them to make it pass the group stage they do not deserve it.

GFC said...

At this point I am not even sure they deserve that! I think the players need to show something, some heart. That is all I ask for, a win would be nice but empty.

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