Saturday, June 12, 2010

ESPN - right direction but room for improvement

I applaud ESPN for all their investment and the recognition of needing to treat the World Cup as it deserves - the biggest global sporting event. They have brought in professional football commentators, unlike 4 years ago when ESPN thought it would be wise to have non football commentators ... like Dave O'Brien, he of now Red Sox fame. O'Brien had the infamous - Michael Beckham call during an England game as well as numerous other empty statements. ESPN clearly recognized the importance of having experienced and well versed commentators to go with their investment. However the one area they need to work on is Alexi I realize he is a recognizable American soccer figure...but he is also terrible. He was a mid level professional, proved terrible at running a team - LA Galaxy
anyone? All he does in the studio is show what a smug red head he is. He has not brought any insight other than stating the obvious which too often is painfully obvious. Of course he makes his statements as if he is the resident American expert and all the watching audience are idiots. He rants about Maradona being a nut, well he did get his nation into the World Cup Alexi what did you do with the Galaxy? And you are not giving us any real insight with that statement. The US will defeat England 2-1 and you state you are making that call not as a US fan or former player?? Right. We all know you are a homer, which is fine, just admit it and move on to explain the reason why you believe this is true in addition to your heart. You then pile on Titi Henry and the "hand of gaul," again easy target...and I am sure you never tugged someone's jersey, tripped someone, pulled someone's arm etc etc to get an advantage. Rather than pandering to the uninformed masses could  you please give us some real insight...if you have any.

ESPN take the next step and get this buffoon off the TV, with former players such as Reyna or former national team manager such as Arena there are much more intelligent pundits available.


JLP said...

You said it all!

I like Ruud Gullit. He stutters a bit much and is not the most articulate but then he's Dutch, so we can forgive him. Plus 1/2 the time, he'll add something interesting and has a more "global" view than Mr. Lalas. But that's only half the time. And I can't say Gullit has won much as a coach either. ;-)

GFC said...

Ruud is good, they should have him and Klinsmann on together, they can relive the old Germany v Holland battles, that would be fantastic!