Thursday, June 17, 2010

France v Mexico first half - El Tri unlucky not to be ahead

Oh my, what to say...France look terrible. I think they are trying to reenact the Battle of Camaron allow the Mexican attacks to come in with superior numbers and defend with as few players as possible. Awful. Mexico has dominated this game when it comes to legitimate goal scoring chances.

Dos Santos is called off side early in the game, otherwise has a clear cut chance at goal. Salcido is completely tearing up the left side had a great chance early on only to see his shot smash into Lloris. Lloris was called into action again on as Salcido drops in a dangerous ball onto an on rushing Barrera, fortunately the Lyon keeper gets there just ahead of the attacking Mexican player. France have had no defensive answer for either Salcido or Dos Santos, I fear that if that keeps up one of them will make Les Bleus pay. On the other end of the pitch, Les Bleus have had a high work rate around the Mexican 18 yard box, but really no legitimate scoring chance, supposedly they had 8 shots on goal...I don't think I remember a single one. The only real threat to the Mexican goal was on a long clearance from Lloris that Malouda almost latched onto...that is pathetic.

I wish I had some faith that Inspector Clouseau has some solutions to offer...however I doubt it. I am sure we will not see Valbuena, probably get a Gignac on the right wing or an Henry as sweeper....I see Mexico getting a late goal and earning a deserved victory.

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