Tuesday, June 01, 2010

France still needs help on the right

Good article about the imbalance of the French attack. Clearly something needs to be done to bring more animation and attack to the right of the formation. Maybe...Valbuena? I hope the more I write that the closer it will become a reality!


Jean-Fran├žois said...

I have a few possibilities, the first would be (Left to Right).

Ribery Anelka Valbuena

Ribery Cisse Anelka

Ribery Cisse Valbuena

I wish we had more friendlies to choose the best top 3.

philip said...

Yeah we should of had more friendlies in the last 6 months. It's not fair Mexico had like 12 friendlies.

GFC said...

@Jean-Francois, I like the first option. Although I fear that Anelka drifts too far into the midfield. I would also look at a combination of Ribery - Gignac - Valbuena. The Toulouse man being a true center forward, plays with his back to the goal and can get on the end of crosses and runs from the wings.

@Philip, I am not sure why Mexico had more games, they are all constrained, to the most part by the international calendar. The one thing for Mexico is that they have the Gold Cup and other regional tournaments that the UEFA clubs do not have.

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