Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Domenech's final starting line up...what the???

Um okay...I guess the mutineers have been somewhat punished - Abidal, Evra and Henry kept on the bench. Gallas and Ribery still in the line up. And thankfully no Govou...although you know he will be substituted in at some point. The line up is back to a 4-3-3.

France : Lloris - Sagna, Gallas, Squillaci, Clichy - Gourcuff, A. Diarra (cap.), Diaby - Gignac, Cissé, Ribéry

ADiarra as the captain? I really do not understand that move. He is captain of his club, but has not even seen the pitch...Gignac as a right winger? Um Cisse is much more apt of controlling the wing and using his pace to exploit on the wing and Gignac is a pure CENTER FORWARD!!!! Does Domenech not realize this??? Ugh. Clearly this is one more inexplicable act from Inspector Clouseau. Hopefully Dumbenech also realizes that he will need goals and makes the appropriate moves along the match if he has a chance to increase his score line! A move like taking Diarra out for an offensive midfielder or maybe taking out a center back at some point....of course I am sure if France is up 2-0 at some point and let's say Mexico is winning 1-0 in their game, I am sure Clouseau will take out all of his strikers and put in all his defenders to "hold the lead" not realizing the match behind the goal difference!

After a night of tossing and turning, I think this team has no desire to play for this manager or the federation...game ends South Africa 1 - France 0.....


Jason said...

At 2-0 down with a red card, I am ashamed to be a fan of the French national team. My father was born in France and I have rooted for them all my life. I am in the incredible position of rooting for South Africa to win by more so they have a chance of advancing and to give the home fans more to root for. This team is a disgrace from the president of the FFF to the players themselves. I fear I will never feel the same about this team.

Thank you, Frog, for posting such an informative blog. I think I might avoid it for some time.

GFC said...

Ha! Avoid reading my blog?? Please don't I have some good rants all ready to go over the next few weeks about the shambles of the Domenech era and what I think is a bright future under Blanc (couldn't get any worse!)

I am rooting for South Africa to make up the goal difference and for the Mexico game to stay as is or for Uruguay to score again.

Jason said...

Ok, so I'm already back.

Still disappointed in and ashamed of the team, of course.

Thanks again for the best French National Team blog out thee.