Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rafa on his way out...finally?

Just over a week left until we start the World Cup adventure in South Africa, but the world and business of football does not stop. The latest, not a surprise, is that Rafa might be on his way out at Liverpool...finally. If the rumors are to be believed, the powers that be in Anfield are looking to offer Rafa a 3m pound pay out to leave the club "immediately." With an opening at Inter Milan, possible move to Juventus or maybe something at Manchester City, there seems to be some green fields for Rafa to go and mess up another club team with his brilliant player purchasing. This might also be a signal that the genius owners - Hicks and Gillett - are looking to clean house before selling to a new owner that might want to put in their own manager. It could also mean that the two owners want to get Rafa out of town so that they no longer have to listen to his belly aching about money and do not have to spend any more capital to watch their team not qualify for the Champions League. This move might also make it easier for the two owners to sell of Torres and Gerrard to help the books - and make the club look more fiscally viable, potentially easier to sell - and to get them more of a profit than they could currently hope for.

The soap opera in Anfield continues...and only makes me chuckle.

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