Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ribery and Gallas get detention?

With Anelka on his way back to Europe, it appears that Gallas and Ribery might be put in detention for the South Africa game. Squillaci might be slotted in place of Gallas while Ribery might start on the bench, most like Malouda taking over the left and Gourcuff back in the center? It would appear that the sulking from Gallas, not being named captain coupled with what appears to be Ribery the egomaniac has become too much for the team.

Happily in a few days some of these headaches will go away - Anelka's career for Les Bleus is over, it was most likely done prior to this situation. Gallas will most likely not be called upon, not sure he was in the plans for France for the Euros. Ribery is another story, Laurent Blanc's first challenge!

Let us see what the next episode is with this soap opera.


philip said...

I don't think ribery is the problem I think France really could of used him in the Ireland matches but thats just me.

GFC said...

Oh there is no doubt from a on the field talent stand point he remains the best out field player on the roster. Then again the same could be said back in the day about will be interesting to see what happens under Blanc.