Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Interesting solution offered by L'Equipe

So we are all awaiting the other shoe to drop and another surprise from Inspector Clouseau aka Dumbenech. L'Equipe suggests moving Ribery to the right, Malouda to the left, Gourcuff/Anelka in the middle - not sure how Anelka would fare in the creative midfielder role with Gignac up front as the center forward. There is some merit to this, but again why are all ignoring Valbuena? I realize the goal is to get Ribery and Malouda on the pitch at the same time, but I am not sure that is better than keeping The Kaiser on the left and allowing Valbuena to patrol the right. Use Malouda as a pace changing substitute. While I realize Malouda had a solid season with Chelsea I just do not see him as an absolute starter.

Bottom line Domenech has poorly thought out his team formations and selection, but that is not a new headline.


Adam said...

Anelka in the middle as a "false 9"? That makes some sense b/c Anelka apparently prefers to drop deep anyway. Is that how Chelsea uses him? It could work. Malouda and Anelka seem to link up well together for Chelsea. Now, if only we had Drogba (and if only Drogba had 2 good arms)...

GFC said...

With Chelsea Anelka is more of secondary striker, playing off Drogba - they play a 4-3-3 with Kalou - Drogba - Anelka up front. I agree that there should be some understanding between Anelka and Malouda, then again there should be better understanding between many of the players, had Domenech done a better job over the past 2 years and beyond.

Drogba would be a good solution - FFF did try to get him to play for France since he lived outside of Paris as a youngster. What could have been!

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