Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Parreira calls Domenech "lame"...I would have chosen harsher terms

Ah the saga continues even after France have crashed out of the World Cup, actually I am getting somewhat excited about hearing all the dirty laundry being aired over the next few days as well as who writes the first book! The South African manager, Parreira, called the Domenech lame for not having the sportsmanship to shake hands after the match. I could think of some more appropriate albeit harsher terms! As suspected, Domenech's school boy protest stems from what Parreira said about the way France qualified. He called out Henry saying he cheated...well that isn't exactly a news bulletin. And for Domenech to not shake the man's hand because of a statement made months earlier that was echoed throughout the sporting world is completely idiotic. Domenech should have shaken the man's hand and spoken his peace then and there something such as:

"Good job coach, but I don't appreciate your public statements about my player, stick to you own business. However congratulations on a well deserved win." 

Instead Domenech is caught by the cameras looking like a 5 year old that is going home with his ball so no one else can play. A great image to encapsulate who Domenech is and has been for France over the past 6 years. Someone who just doesn't get it.

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