Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Les Bleus v Uruguay: Insanity?

Based on reports from the France training ground, Les Bleus will head into the match versus Uruguay with the same outfield line up they had over the 3 preparatory matches. Insanity? I guess all Uruguay have to do is defend well against the French left, they could almost just leave one defender on the right since we all know no threat is coming from that side. I guess Domench figures that Govou will be wearing the #10 shirt on Friday so will somehow transform himself into Platini or Zizou. Oh well. Let the adventure begin!


JLP said...

Domenech is loosening his grip on the team. He knows this is his last WC coaching France. As a youth coach, he was used to teaching the youngsters to become more mature and leaders on the field. I think he's the kind of coach who can help progress technically, but tactically, he has never made great choices.

On this team of superstars, his approach has not worked. He tried to surpass his natural approach to coaching. He is maybe a better youth coach than someone who can deal w/ personalities the way a Lippi, Capello, Mourinho can.

I think it all depends on the team now. There is a nice article I recently read which kind of agrees with this.

I think it's all on the shoulders of the team. They need to be hungry and want it more. This competition will change their mentality I think... I hope.

GFC said...

Great points! I agree that as the youth coach he was successful in giving his team the advice and guidance they needed to grow. His tactics probably resonated with the younger players but clearly are lost on the veteran and established players. Alas we have wasted the past 2 years hoping his method would somehow work...

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