Friday, June 18, 2010

France - better days - Zidane and Platini

Had to watch this, remind myself of the better times with Les Bleus -

Zizou looking more Brazilian than Brazil!

A young Zizou always speaks fondly of being at Stade Velodrome to witness this epic semi final. I also remember vividly watching in front of the the TV in my grandmother's house outside of Paris in the Marne region. Those were the days!


philip said...

ahh Platini and Zizou the Brazilian killer these great days will come again

GFC said...

No doubt! The one nice thing about Les Bleus is unlike the past, they have created a great system - Clairfontaine - for discovering, nurturing and developing talent. Add to this the number of Frenchies that play at the biggest clubs and Les Bleus will always have a chance. Except when they have Inspector Clouseau in charge!