Friday, May 28, 2010

See you in Paris in 2016!!!

 Today France was awarded the right to host the 2016 European Cup of Nations. This will be the 5th major football tournament the country hosts and the 3rd Euro, after 1960 and 1984. France beat out Turkey by one vote after Italy had been dropped after the first ballot. I am sure that the Turkey lost out due to the growing concerns over first time hosts Ukraine and Poland for the 2012 edition and all the logistical problems both nations are facing. In addition, this will be the first Euro with 24 teams rather than the 16 it currently invites. This will make it more along the organization of a World Cup than a Euro - last time France hosted there were 8 teams! Great news for France since there will be some much need upgrading of the stadiums that the games will be played in, not sure where the money will come from but let's not allow reality to infringe on our good feelings!

I will see you all in France for the tournament!


josemanes said...

Congrats to France on getting the host bid for Euro 2016!! What a great place to have a major soccer tournament...Vive le France!

GFC said...

I do think it will be very interesting in the quality of the tournament now that the field has expanded. Time will tell, but I do think the product is getting a little diluted.