Monday, May 17, 2010

Domenech cuts down his list to 23 + Gallas

So the drama from last week continues this week with Domenech cutting down his list to 24 players (one more player to cover for Gallas' injury). The list of players that were sent home:

  • Landreau - somewhat surprising since Domenech stated that the Lille keeper would bring some experience to the side over his Bordeaux counterpart. I think that it is more a disappointment rather than surprising that Domenech kept Carrasso since he has been his #3 during the recent qualifiers. However Landreau has been a good soldier for France during his career and deserved a trip to this World Cup not only for the season he has had but for what he has done for France.
  • Fanni - was beaten at the line but a resurgent Reveillere which is unfortunate for the Rennes back. He chances to play at a World Cup are slim - he will be 32 when the World Cup is in Brazil in 4 years.
  • Rami - seems to always be knocking at the door recently but is this time overtaken by the play of the Bordeaux man Planus who seems to be the cover in case Gallas cannot make the trip.
  • M'Vila - what was more surprising was to have the 19 year old on the first list, his time will come.
  • Ben Arfa - with Benzema and Nasri out, Ben Arfa makes it 3 from the 1987 generation (they won the U17 European championships in 2004 together) maybe under Blanc they will get their chances to carry that success to the senior squad.
  • Briand - always a Domenech favorite but not clear where he would fit in the grand scheme. With so many offensive players it was a numbers game.
There will be one more player cut from the squad and that depends on the injury to Gallas. If the central defender cannot make it, then he will be the last player cut, if he can go I would think that Planus is sent home with LDiarra and Toulalan, Domenech does have some midfielders that could act as cover for the back 4 in a pinch. The drama continues.

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