Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Final FIFA world rankings before World Cup

So the FIFA world rankings are out, the last ones prior to the start of the World Cup. The World Cup Blog does what we are all interested in - pulls out all the 32 teams that will participate and gives us the rankings:

The World Cup 32
1 Brazil
2 Spain
3 Portugal
4 Holland
5 Italy
6 Germany
7 Argentina
8 England
9 France
13 Greece
14 USA
15 Serbia
16 Uruguay
17 Mexico
18 Chile
19 Cameroon
20 Australia
21 Nigeria
24 Switzerland
25 Slovenia
27 Côte d’Ivoire
30 Algeria
31 Paraguay
32 Ghana
34 Slovakia
36 Denmark
38 Honduras
45 Japan
47 Korea Republic
78 New Zealand
83 South Africa
105 North Korea

Thankfully the hosts are no longer the lowest ranked team, okay that was mean and I know will come back to haunt me when they beat Les Bleus in the final game of the group stages. Speaking of Les Bleus here are the groups and their respective ranks:

Group A and their latest ranks:
South Africa 83
Mexico 17
Uruguay 16
France 9

Not sure what any of this means...probably nothing, especially since everyone wants to say Ivory Coast is heading to the semi-finals...and they are ranked 27th. What is frustrating about these rankings - the team that wins the title will not necessarily find themselves #1. Hmmmm. Not sure why that math makes any sense.

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