Monday, May 10, 2010

France World Cup squad - Part 4 - Strikers

Okay I have given you my keepers, defenders and midfielders now the final piece of the puzzle the strikers. Hopefully they can score some goals for Les Bleus! I will be going with 5 strikers I think France could almost opt for 4 or go with 6 why? Since there is only room for 1 true striker in the 4-2-3-1 do you really need 5? However since Domenech loves to play his strikers as midfielders/wingers...head scratch-er...then you might need more depth. I will stick with 5.

Who should be on the plane to South Africa:
  • Djibril Cisse (Panathinaikos): The former Auxerre star has fought two devastating leg injuries (my advice, don't YouTube them they are not pretty) and has not found a club to settle in with since he left Auxerre. However how can one argue with the 23 goals in Greece, the double of the next leading goal scorer - he also shined in the Europa League play. He did get a call up last international break, but that was due to an injury to Saha. While Cisse can sometimes be maddeningly streaky with his goal scoring, no one will question his pace and lethality in front of goal, two traits that could serve well for Les Bleus as a substitute or starter. Clearly he is in form right now, so why not try and take advantage of that in South Africa?
  • Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea): The Incredible Sulk seems to have finally found inner peace. Anelka can slot at top of the formation as the lone striker or on the wing as he does with Chelsea (granted that is more in a 4-3-3 formation). He can create his own scoring opportunities but can also act as the "fox in the box." He should be starting up front for Les Bleus. He did score a huge goal in Ireland for Les Bleus as well!

  • Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): I do question whether he is worthy of heading to the World Cup based on his performance this season with Real - 8 goals. I have never doubted his raw talent, but wonder if his development has not taken a step back. I do think he still has it in him to snatch an important goal and force defenses to respect his ability to score at any moment.
  • Titi Henry (Barcelona): Sigh I am hesitant on whether or not he should head to South Africa, he has been firmly stapled to the bench at Barcelona and is clearly on the back 9 of his international career (he has already teed off on 18). I do think he should go because he is the captain and I think still has a few good performances in his boots. His inclusion will create problems with regards to who mans the left channel. While he is no longer the goal scorer he once was, he remains dangerous and his veteran leadership will prove crucial (this would be his 4th World Cup). Ahhh the good old days with Henry at Arsenal -

  • Loic Remy (Nice): The Arsenal transfer target is a natural right winger, so could solve that problem then again Domenech never seems to leverage him for this role even though  he consistently calls him to the squad.  Based on his ability on the wing or as a deep striker he should find his way to South Africa.
Who Domenech will take:
  • Henry
  • Anelka
  • Benzema
  • Remy
  • Gignac (Toulouse): Domenech is infatuated with the Toulouse big man. Unfortunately I think he is an injury risk and not sure he is 100% after missing much of the season. I rather take a player (Cisse) who is healthy and has been performing.
Others to watch:
  • Hourau (PSG) - the tall forward had a fantastic season...last year. He too has been injured and out for most of the Ligue 1 season. While his height and ability to play alone up front are intriguing I just don't think he did enough recently to warrant a call up.
  • Gameiro (Loreint) - the leading goal scorer in Ligue 1 might get a look, but I just don't see him taking any of the other striker's spots.
  • Saha (Everton) - second half season drop in form has moved him off the list.
  • Gomis (Lyon) - the surprise selection for Euro 2008 will not follow that with a World Cup call up, he has found himself as a super sub at Lyon which has clearly hurt his chances.
  • Ait-Fana (Montpellier) - the winger from the surprise French club of the year has many speaking of his future with Les Bleus. He could still decide to play for Morocco, but would appear he will seek to play for his natal France first. He might be a surprise pick from Domenech.


Memejfr said...

Did you hear Domenech called up Makelele and he declined? This makes me VERY curious as to who he is going to annouce tomorrow? If he was willing to call up Makelele what's to stop him from calling up Trezeguet or some other older players.

GFC said...

I did read that, made no sense to me! With the likes of Toulalan, Lass, ADiarra, Flamini, Cheyrou, Mavuba etc as holding midfielder options it is shocking that Domenech still wanted to get Makelele on the squad. I don't think the PSG man will ever get peace until domenech is gone!

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