Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Escalette critical of Domenech...

Interesting - Escalette (maybe the only man in France that supports Domenech) comes out and is critical of his manager. Basically what he states is that Domench did not need to be so "firm" prior to yesterday with his statements about giving the final list of 23, since he has until the end of the month to submit the final list.

«Peut-être n'aurait-il pas dû être aussi catégorique avant, il suffisait de dire: On va voir, peut-être 23, peut-être 30. Mais ce n'est pas ça qui va faire que l'équipe de France va réussir ou non en Afrique du Sud», a estimé M. Escalettes.

As Escalettes states "Maybe he should not have categorically been so outspoken about the 23..."

Hmmmm, is Domenech's last champion starting to waver on him? There is still time for Blanc to take over now!!!


philip said...

yes please now now now why waste a perfectly good world cup haha.

But seriously I am already expecting a defeat for France so I won't be too heartbroken if they go out. I just hope a team that has never won the world cup wins it.

GFC said...

Ugh I know. A wasted generation and I will place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Escalettes for staying with Domenech after the disaster that was the Euro 2008.

I cannot even fault Domenech too much, he cannot get out of his own way - he is what he is...Dumbenech.

I do feel for players such as Henry, Trezeguet, Pires, Frey and Mexes who have been poorly treated and handled by a manager who clearly lacks the intelligence or acumen to properly handle a national team.

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