Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Further proof that Domenech needs to go - Makelele?

In a few hours we will find out who the 23 are that will head to South Africa to represent France and hopefully put on a decent showing for the world. Of course in the past 48  hours one of the more shocking news bits is the fact Domenech tried to get the 37 year old PSG midfielder Makelele to come to the World Cup. Um uh....what????

When it comes to holding midfielders, France has no shortage of class players - LDiarra, ADiarra, Toulalan, Mavuba, Flamini, Cheyrou, Matuidi, or even Gonalans....if you want veteran presence just look to the Citizens and your former captain - Pat Vieira. The fact that Domenech was willing to call up a retired player, one who already tried to retire from international football once but was strong armed into remaining on the international scene. This move makes no sense to me, why try to call up a player that:.
  1. Has retired from International play.
  2. Is long in the tooth.
  3. Plays a position where you have numerous options.
  4. A player you have not used in 2 years....because he retired.
Based on this story I am a little nervous to see what the final list will resemble. Hopefully someone has reminded Domenech that Zidane is still retired, Platini will be busy this summer with his job, Fontaine is 76 but Cantona might be willing to make an appearance on the pitch.


Adam said...

I am no longer shocked by anything this man does. He is capable of anything. The only thing that is shocking is how he remained manager after the Euro 2008 debacle and after losing to Austria 3-1 in WC qualifying. The real villain is Escalettes (sp. ?).

philip said...

hahaha calling Fontaine would be good so he can try to break Ronaldo's goal record.

GFC said...

Escalettes must shoulder much of the blame for this fiasco. Not the 1-3 loss to Austria, what about the horrible Euro - 1 goal, 1 pt in 3 games - inexcusable. Domenech should have been sacked after that campaign.

GFC said...

@Philip I agree it would be good for Fontaine to get a shot at regaining the scoring title!