Monday, May 03, 2010

Blanc set for head of FFF

Seems as if the worst kept secret in France is drawing closer to being a reality - Laurent Blanc taking over the national side. With Deschamps stating that he will remain at Marseilles, primarily due to the fact the FFF has not reached out to him about the role running Les Bleus. So the ball is in Blanc's court, will he decide to move on from Bordeaux? It would appear that his squad and the manager had a down season once the rumors surrounding the French National team started to pick up steam. With the departure of his striker Chamakh to Arsenal, the "noise" coming from Gourcuff about following Blanc (translation - wants a bigger club) and the lack of any silverware this season makes it ripe for Blanc to strike out to greener pastures. So I think the odds of Blanc running the national team are quite good now...too bad he cannot take over today.

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