Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barcelona - the rich get richer

The smoke is turning into a raging bonfire (I stole that line from Sam) around the departure of Cesc to Barcelona this summer which seems to be in the negotiation phase currently, the latest is that the inclusion of Yaya Toure in the deal is holding up the finalization of the transfer. However I think it will be highly unlikely that the deal does not go through whether more money be added to the transfer or another player be put in the deal - a list of those options. I personally would chuckle and cry if Busquets came to the Emirates...Sam might have to be restrained in his rage.

Of course while this fire is picking up, the David Villa to Barcelona seems to have started and reached the negotiationstage in lightening quick pace - according to Sport.24 report - Valencia and Barcelona have agreed on a transfer fee of 40m Euros. With Henry leaving, probably for his retirement home in the MLS and with Ibra apparently on his way out of the Catalan side, the addition of Villa will fill the void at striker. This begs the question - where will all this go? With a midfield of Xavi - Cesc - Iniesta - Keita - Busquets (unless he is wearing the #4 shirt for Arsenal) and the attacking formation of Villa - Messi - Pedro you have a frightening offensive side, add Alves to the mix and you will be asking a lot of Abidal - Puyol - Pique to hold down the defensive side, but if you score 4 goals a game why play defense?

This also begs the question - what will the response be from Real Madrid? After losing the title to their hated rivals one more time and now seeing Barcelona add two jewels from the transfer market - 2 Spaniards at that - to their stable of players what will the counter be from the Madrid? Could a major offer to Manchester United for Rooney be in the works? Ribery? Tevez? Lampard? Gerrard? Of course much will be determined on who shines at the World Cup. Should be an interesting transfer season to say the least!

Look for the latest Frog&Gooner podcast where we spend some time discussing these potential moves for Real and Barca...the rich keep getting richer!


SSJ said...

If Busquets comes the other way, I would be extremely angry. Honestly, the only players I would like to see in return are Pedro or that center-back with the unspellable last name. Both + $50 million.

GFC said...

That might be a little bit too much of a king's ransom for Cesc. Barcelona reportedly spent close to $50m for Villa not sure if Cesc is worth more than the former Sevilla striker. I have a feeling the sum will be more along the lines of $40m with a Barcelona player - someone like Bojan - heading to north London

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