Thursday, June 14, 2012

Merci Sylvain!

Sylvain Wiltord announced his retirement from football this week...a quiet story in the shadow of the Euros. Wiltord was one of those players who had a great career, yet does not get the recognition of other players of his generation. He was part of the invincibles with Arsenal, won the FA Cup, the Premiership and Ligue 1 at the club level. For France he won the Euros in 2000, 2 confederation cups and world cup runner up.

Of course what he will always be remembered for was the equalizer against Italy...the Trezeguet volley is what is remembered from the match. But without the Wiltord equalizer we never would have gotten to that kick!

Merci Sylvain, best of luck in retirement you had a great career.


Jeff said...

I'm a Wiltord fan.

Anonymous said...

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