Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Les Bleus - more changes for Sweden

Blanc springs another small surprise on us heading into the Sweden game. With the need of at least a point, preferably three points, Blanc has rolled out a team that is positioned to get a result.

What is interesting is we see Ben Arfa in the place of Menez. The PSG player had a shaky first half against Ukraine, but did get a goal as well as creating another clear cut goal opportunity. Interesting change to say the least. Cabaye is on the bench to allow him some time to recover from a knock he picked up last game.

I do not think we will see much difference between the style of the French game - M'Vila is on par with Cabaye, granted different style, but no drop in overall talent. Ben Arfa will give France a strong presence on the right, and much like Menez will ensure the right side the presence it needs for balance.

Finally, how will Mexes and Debuchy manage their play with the yellow card they have hanging over their heads? Ideally France can find a way to an early lead and take out these two players to protect them for the 1/4 finals. But first things first...France need a result, hopefully three points. After that let's hope they have all their players for the next round!

Allez les Bleus.

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