Saturday, June 23, 2012

Les Bleus...a defensive 4-3-3

Wow another surprise from "Le President."  I will give Blanc credit, unlike his predecessor, he is willing to adopt his tactics and formations based on his opponent. Rather than just forcing his usual formation, he is acknowledging his position and the opponent he is facing.

Wow, a very defensive and "muscled" 4-3-3. The partnership of M'Vila and Cabaye is not a surprise, I look for them to be the core of the French midfield for years to come. Malouda is in the game for his veteran savvy. I have a feeling Blanc will give him the orders to push up judiciously and that his primary responsibility will be to track back. Debuchy as the right sided midfield is a surprise. The Lille right back does have good instincts going up, but he is a right back. Clearly Blanc does not trust his other options - Nasri, Menez or Ben Arfa to do the defensive work that will be required facing La Rojas.

This formation is going to call upon the duo of Benzema and Ribery to do the bulk of the offensive work....look for them to try and play fast and hit Spain on the counter. With Spain playing with a 4-6 formation...again no true striker, look for this game to be a real chess game and Spain trying to get offense from any position. In a way this might play into Blanc's strategy, as Spain do not employ a true striker it might ease some of the pressure on his center backs. It will place more pressure on his midfield to slow down the ticy-tac of Spain. But with the line up he has rolled out, they have the defensive minded players to do this.

Should be interesting!

Allez Les Bleus.

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GFC said...

Has Blanc out thought himself?

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