Monday, June 11, 2012

Blanc goes with the 4-3-3

No surprise, but Le President will start his Euro campaign with the 4-3-3 that we are accustomed to seeing the past few matches. His starting line up will also mirror what was rolled out in a 4-0 victory over Estonia.

The formation is interesting to me, as I have written in the past, since it can evolve as my favorite "Christmas Tree" with the two wingers - Nasri and Ribery dropping deeper and Benzema pushing higher on the pitch. The question is can Debuchy and Cabaye slow down the "Ox" who gets the start on the left side of the English formation. The Arsenal winger is one to watch, I think he brings a threat that I am concerned about. Nasri will have to be disciplined to try and slow him down higher up the pitch, allow Cabaye, Diarra and Debuchy to reposition themselves prevent fast counters. Rami and Mexes will have their hands full with Welbeck's  pace so will not be able to slide over to cover if Oxlade-Chamberlain overruns the right side of the French defense.

Much will be on the shoulders of Diarra as the true defensive midfielder, as opposed to other French formations that have seen two defensive players, or even when Blanc used a 4-3-3 in Bosnia when he had a very "muscular" 3 of Diaby - Diarra - M'Vila. This version of the 4-3-3 is leaning on the offense.

I still smell a draw in this game...

Allez les bleus.


Anonymous said...

ya..ur prediction is wright...and france future is not 1992...

GFC said...

Well let's not get to down on this...If they can win the next game I think they are in a great position to move on. Could have been worse!!

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