Tuesday, June 19, 2012

France to 1/4 finals...via the back door...La HONTE!!!

C'est la honte!!!! What was that? Nothing but a disgrace from Les Bleus...I am not sure what to write other than expletives. But I will try to contain my anger....

The Good:
  • Get to the 1/4 finals...through the trap door. That is about all that was good. At least France live to fight another day. If Les Bleus put together a good showing versus Spain, even....gasp beat the Spanish this loss will be a distant memory. Let us not forget that Les Bleus were heading home at this stage last two tournaments...need to focus on the sliver of positive!
  • Okay I have to say the Ibrahimovic goal was amazing. Hitting a volley from that angle was nothing short of spectacular. Hats off to the Swede for that piece of artistry. No highlights yet live but check the web or TV for the replay.
Thing of beauty...

  • One more "good" were it not for Lloris, France would have lost 4-0. He was the only French player that showed up today. Big saves in the second half, nothing he could do on both goals.
The Bad:
  • France France France...Les Bleus were awful today. They were beyond bad. Only needing a draw they played like it. They had no heart no game no desire. France looked from the start of the game the team that was about to head home for the summer. They played flat. Unacceptable.
  • Ben Arfa, was completely invisible. I was expecting him to come in and bring some real width for France. Much like what Menez did in the Ukraine game. Instead, he kept drifting back to the middle of the park. And even there he was invisible. He unleashed one strike from distance but otherwise was a complete no factor.  I expected much more from Le Petit Prince.
  • No strikers for France! Yes I realize Benzema is France's striker, but really? The fact he wears #10 is very appropriate, why? Because he drops so deep really playing a #10 role. Against England and Sweden it was frustrating to see that France was facing a flat back 4 that had no threat of any striker. Once Giroud entered the game it opened up some space for the attack. I realize that Blanc said he does not want to play two strikers, but is Benzema really playing the #9?
  • Mexes gets a yellow...the French libero got a silly yellow which coupled with the yellow from last game means he is out for the 1/4 finals. Wait...hold on...maybe this is good since he had some serious brain farts in this game! The Arsenal man Koscielny will get the start along side Rami this weekend.
The Ugly:
  • France...see above.
  • France mindset heading into 1/4 final. After having their streak of games (23 games) without a loss broke, how will Les Bleus go into their next game...against Spain? This will be a huge test for Blanc. The French manager will have his work cut out for him to get his team ready on the pitch but also mentally. Blanc needs to remind the French players what they were able to build the past 2 years, the fact they got caught in today's game must be set aside. At the end of the day all the teams in the 1/4 finals have zero wins and zero losses...
What a frustrating game...France played like crap and deserved to lose. No heart. No desire. Too many players looked like they were thinking about the 1/4 finals and not the game. Maybe this is a wake up call and gets them to play like they can, or maybe this is an indication of the malaise that has hung over Les Bleus since South Africa...we shall see. Blanc has his work cut out for him.

Allez les Bleus...


Anonymous said...

France was very frustrated (and frustrating to watch). Maybe they will play better against an attacking team like Spain. I think France plays better on the counter, which it was not able to do against Sweden today. But France will lose if it tries to play Spain's game. The midfield today was clogged.

Chris B said...

I have to say this was the worst I've seen them play in 2 years. No flow, no tempo, seemingly no plan.
While the second Mexes card was unfortunate (for him) all I could think about at that time is that we would finally get to see Laurent Koscielny in the starting 11.
I can't imagine the loss of Cabaye was that important for this game, but perhaps it was...
Let's hope for a more focused team against Spain.
Allez les Bleus!
Great blog, keep it up GFC!

GFC said...

I agree this was the worst I have seen them play since Blanc took over. Even in the first two games when France lost to Norway and Belarus, the team played with more more determination.

I looked at a player rating from one of the French publications and they had Lloris at a 7 everyone else was 3-5 and that was too kind! Lloris was the only one that showed up...

Spain...well they will pose a different problem. More on that in a few days once my anger gets under control!

GFC said...

Chris, thanks for the compliments as well! Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Today i remember 2000 euro quarter finale match Between France vs Spain...Before That match france was clear favorite.. now 2012 euro same situation..now Spain is clear favorite....Hope result will be Same..(2-1)


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