Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Goal line technology...why are we even debating this?

This time the English benefited from what appeared to be the wrong call in their group game against the Ukraine. Terry cleared what appeared to be a goal off the "line" preserving the English 1-0 lead at the time.

Over or on the line??

The most powerful and corrupt man in football - Sepp Blatter - seems to have finally come around and called for goal line technology. Well it is about time! I have to disagree with UEFA president...and one of my all time favorite players...Platini who seems stubbornly against introducing the technology. Platini seems to think this is a slippery slope and technology will play a greater role in the game.

I strongly disagree. Every other major sport has some technology to aide the officials -

  • NFL replays that coaches have a limited number of appeals for.
  • NBA officials use replay on tight calls - such as out of bounds
  • MLB leverages replay to determine home runs
  • NHL uses replay for goal calls
  • Rugby goes to a tv replay for tries
  • Tennis for an in our out call
I agree that technology needed not be used to see if someone dove, or if someone was off side...but goal line is vital. End of the day the game hinges on...who scores! So let's make sure that the goals are all properly tallied. Come on Platoch embrace modern times and back goal line technology! I stand with you that we do not want to stop the game every 2 minutes, but goals are too precious to not allow!

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