Thursday, June 02, 2011

Les Bleus sticking with old faithful

Ahead of tomorrows game versus Belarus, it would appear that Laurent Blanc will go with old faithful - the 4-2-3-1. His statements around Cisse shed some insight into his leaning towards using just a single high striker. First the expected starting line up:

Lloris - Sagna, Rami, Sakho, Abidal - A. Diarra, Diaby - Malouda, Nasri, Ribéry - Benzema.

No surprise in goal or at the striker role. What is interesting, and nothing short of amazing is the fact Abidal will be on the pitch. A few months after having surgery he will be taking his post on the left for France. The other surprise is the inclusion of Diaby who missed much of the end of the Arsenal season. With the likes of M'Vila, Matuidi or Cabaye available, it was interesting to see Diaby tapped as a starter. I have never hidden my support for Diaby, but I will admit that he is maddeningly frustrating as a player both due to his constant injury bug as well as his sometimes apparent lack of progress in his game. Like Benzema he seems to have found his stride under Blanc. The other aspect to watch - how will the midfield function with Ribery on the right? The Kaiser has apparently tempered himself when it comes to constantly lobbying to be on the left of the formation. However, based on his past performances, he is clearly better and more dangerous coming off the left wing. With the likes of Menez and Valbuena available, I am a bit surprised that Blanc would force fit Ribery on the right.

Could we see a tactical move in the second half, take off Malouda, slot Ribery back to the left and bring on a fresh right winger - Valbuena or Menez to run at the Belarus defense? Which makes sense, but why not put in a Menez on the right from the get go? Keep Malouda or Ribery on the bench as an option late for the left, gives you more substitution flexibility.

Finally, it will be good to see the PSG center back Sakho get some run.

Blanc might have a last minute twist for us, but the above line up would seem to make sense based on his recent outings.

Allez les Bleus


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy the blog!
Any idea of where to catch the game on the web not including ESPN3?

Jeff said...

If you can't get ESPN3 (which is a bummer), type "my p2p" into Google; and good luck.

Chris B said...

Thanks Jeff, appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks To TV5 for Telecast this this match





GFC said...

TV5 tends to be on top of the matches. ESPN3 is always a good option, they also archive the matches.