Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blanc comments on Cisse and Payet - sheds some light into potential formation

Laurent Blanc made some comments on the likes of Gourcuff, Payet and Landreau. Basically stating that none of these players have been written off for Les Bleus. The most interesting comment came around Cisse:

«On suit également ses performances. Mais il faut un équilibre. On a déjà deux buteurs, dans un système qui n'en utilise qu'un seul. On ne va pas l'appeler juste pour lui faire plaisir. Mais la porte n'est pas fermée

"We already have two goal scorers, in a system that only requires one..." I guess that means we should see Les Bleus evolving in a 4-2-3-1!


Anonymous said...

"we already have 2 goal scorers ..."

So Benzema is one goal scorer. Who is the other?

GFC said...

ummm that is a GOOD question! Remy? He is more of a winger to me...Hourau? Only on FIFA11...Must be Gameiro...a nice player but I would not elevate him to the stature of a world class international striker. Not yet at least...