Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nasri to the Red Devils...the horror

A recent transfer rumor is that Sir Alex Ferguson is keeping tabs on Arsenal and French play maker Samir Nasri...ugh the horror. The last thing Arsenal needs is to see one of their bright lights jumping ship and heading north. Wenger is going to need to get his business in order - aka sign Nasri and either sign or jettison Clichy. Add to this the never ending rumors over Cesc and this off season will prove to be an interesting one once again in North London.

My thoughts - sell Cesc now, if Manchester City is truly interested that could start a minor bidding war with Barcelona - sell high. Move Clichy to Italy, I just do not see the French left back's game evolving any more, I think Wenger has maximized that player. Resign And go spend some money on players. Look for some thoughts on who Wenger should target over the next few weeks.


Jeff said...

Hazard was just named Ligue 1 player of the year, and from what I have seen he is a lovely player. I could stand with having him in Arsenal's first 11. He would probably jump to the head of the line ahead of Arshavin, Walcott, and maybe even Nasri.

GFC said...

Hazard would look very nice in the Arsenal kit...too bad Wenger did not pursue the Belgian playmaker 1 or 2 seasons ago. Hazard is now on the wish list of the likes of Milan, Manchester United, Barcelona...etc etc. Which means there is no way Arsenal have the bottle to pay what it takes to get him. Alas. And yes Hazard would immediately slot in the starting 11, no doubt, for Arsenal.

Jeff said...

How would Nasri fit in at Man United? I would surprised to see him transfer there, and I'm not sure that he would get many starts. They have good wide players and forwards. The only opportunity I see is central midfield, where maybe he would be good enough, but I'm not sure.

GFC said...

Nasri would slot in nicely at Manchester United...unfortunately...with Giggs and Scholes playing on fumes, Hargreaves is done so there will be space/slots in the midfield. Nasri would be able to slot in as central midfield or wide right, balancing the formation with Nani on the left and Rooney up front or on the left wing.

Add to this the fact Manchester United take all competitions seriously - FA cup, Champions League, Carling cup and Premier chase, they need a deep and versatile squad!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Wenger commented today regarding the stalled contract talks and said that Nasri will NOT be sold to manchester United!!!

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