Friday, May 27, 2011

Shocking! FIFA and Blatter under investigation

I hope, for once, that justice and rational minds prevail. Sepp Blatter, the "leader" of FIFA, was looking to buy...errrr I mean win a 4th term in office (which he claims would be his last, unless he finds some other source of "revenue"). In his quest to continue his reign, he decided that it would be in the best interest to launch an investigation of his primary rival - Mohamed bin Hammam. Nothing like using your position of authority to squash the competition...wonder if Blatter has taken pages from the Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong Il election playbook. What is dripping with irony is that these charges have now raised the eyebrow towards Blatter's prior indiscretions...and there are many to pick from!

Make sure my "envelope" is at least this thick
So now the entire election will be called into question and most likely delayed. Good. I also hope that the investigations are done properly and that we are finally able to shed some light on the "leadership" of FIFA. Blatter has always had a dark cloud over his head, and for reason. He is a shady character. He has clearly come close to and most likely crossed many ethical lines - his original election was rife with allegations that bribes were offered to secure his passage.

The Swiss has made ridiculous statements such as: "Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball" Uh okay...yet the concept of leveraging technology, like goal line technology, is constantly poopooed by the Swiss. He has also presided over bring the World Cup to Africa - South Africa - that was a great achievement. Seen the World Cup head to Russia, also good, as well as Qatar...uh what? Qatar? Still a questionable move, especially when the Swiss Genius then comes out with the idea of playing the game in the winter since Qatar summers tend to be slightly warm.

So now Blatter finds himself under the scrutiny of his own organization...and let us all hope that they find the truth and hold those responsible accountable. If, as I believe, we discover that Blatter turned a blind eye or had direct involvement with any bribery scandals, then he MUST stand down. And CANNOT be re-elected. It would be an absolute disgrace and will completely discredit FIFA.

Do the right thing FIFA, get to the bottom of this and let us all hope that if the results warrant it, that Blatter does the right thing as well - step down.


josemanes said...


Let's hope that FIFA does get to the bottom of the scandal. What they need also are some respectable candidates for the presidency. What about Platini?

GFC said...

As usually FIFA did nothing and Blatter is back. As for Platini he has gained another term as head of UEFA so don't see him moving to FIFA...maybe waiting for Blatter to leave. It is a big mess at times I am amazed how well the game survives despite corrupt individuals like Blatter!

josemanes said...

I just saw that Blatter won the election unopposed. Unopposed? What an absolute disgrace. FIFA is becoming a joke. Also, I think they may be flirting with more danger than they know. England has already protested. What happens if a country like England boycotts a major competition like the World Cup? And what if other countries do the same? This would hit FIFA in the financial gut, then maybe they would reform...Or would it be too late?

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