Saturday, May 07, 2011

Laurent Blanc resigning? French football spinning into an abyss

For those of you following the continuing saga over what was said, who know what, who said what and when it was uttered around the "quotas" there is another shoe that has apparently dropped - the resignation of Laurent Blanc. After a week focusing on how this has divided the 98ers - the players from the World Cup champions, it is clear that this has deeply affected the current manager of Les Bleus. With Lilian Thuram being an early vocal critic of the current France manager, there was a subsequent phone conversation between the two former teammates where the issue was broached and apparently Thuram has gained some empathy for his former back line mate.

This morning, however, it appears that this might have become too much for Laurent Blanc and that he will be handing in his resignation letter. Something that the Federation might not accept and a situation that appears to be heading to the world of politics with a potential intervention by Sarkozy. This incident has become very ugly and divisive. As I published earlier, I was hoping the genesis of the article from MediaPart was from a misinterpretation of the quota discussion, and it appears to be an issue more aligned with this, but broached in less than savory method: aka with racial undertones.

So should Blanc leave? He was not at the crux of this ugly incident, but he was there and he is the public head of the federation. There does not seem enough evidence to clearly fault Blanc, but again he is the lightening rod. The row between the 98ers is evident and that will not go away with Blanc simply walking away, nor should the Federation's concern be about keeping peace with the former players. Explanations need to be provided clearly and responsibilities assumed. If that means Blanc is to be dropped, than so be it. I am not convinced we have the full story, until then that evidence emerges it would be sad to see Blanc resign over what is really mounting to a PR campaign between the opposing sides of the 98ers.


Anonymous said...

I still don't think what blanc was saying was racist in any way. If the academies are churning out a lot of black players...then thats that. If its a fact you cannot change it.

Unfortunately thuram can't keep his mouth shut anytime anyone says the word black these days, and while i applaud his efforts vs sarkozy and the like, this is one case where his commentary is unnecessary.

Thankfully zidane is a man with some sense and is urging laurent not to quit. And i side with zizou. Blanc is the best thing to hit french football since zidane retired. Lets not go and fuck it up immediately.

GFC said...

I agree. Looks like things have calmed down a bit...I just hope this does not linger over Blanc of the FFF.