Thursday, May 19, 2011

PSG heading to an interesting off season...typical

Sigh, PSG had a chance to move into the Champions League by defeating reeling Bordeaux, but instead they dropped all the points falling to Bordeaux 1-0. So with 2 games to go, PSG find themselves 2 points behind 3rd place Lyon. With a game this Saturday against league leader Lille, who subsequently defeated PSG a week ago for the Coupe de France title, the road to the Champions League does not appear to easy for the Parisians. Lyon face Caen and then finish with Monaco, while PSG will have to face St Etienne on the last day. Again, advantage Lyon. This weekend's game will be no cake walk for PSG, Lille will be pushing for at least a draw, which would secure them the double. And finishing with Les Verts is not easy task either. Of course Lyon will be facing two sides in a relegation battle, so no quarter will be given in those matches either.

Mathematically, PSG is still in the running for the bid to the Champions League next season, but the odds are not in their favor. This fact has been the catalyst for some rumblings coming out of the president's office at the Parc de Princes.

"We were not up to the game, and that is a big deception."

The quote from the PSG coach...which was a little tame compared to what the PSG president stated:

«Je suis assez énervé parce que ce soir (Ndlr : mercredi soir) les joueurs ont failli. Ils sont passés complètement à côté de leur match. Je crois qu'ils n'ont pas bien saisi que le Paris Saint-Germain avait un rendez-vous important avec la Ligue des Champions. C'était sans envie, sans impact et j'ai envie de dire presque pas sérieux. Cette place de troisième nous tendait les bras. Seulement il faut entrer sur le terrain avec un autre esprit. Il faut avoir faim, avoir envie, je pense qu'ils n'ont pas pris la mesure de l'événement», déplorait le président parisien, ajoutant un «on va régler ça entre nous» qui laisse augurer d’une sévère soufflante à venir du côté du Camp des Loges

To paraphrase - "We were not ready and we will take care of this in house" aka Heads will roll. Clearly we are in for an interesting off season. PSG, once again, will be entering the transfer season with much work to do, a lot of uncertainty and once again (much like Arsenal) will not be adding to their trophy case. Alas, this is becoming too regular an occurrence.

I would like to think this off season will be different, the PSG spring...but I will not hold my breath. If PSG and their president is serious about getting back to the Champions League they must hold on to their young talent - Sakho, Chantome, Clement and Makonda to name a few. They need to also ensure if the likes of Erding and Hourau exit they have the proper replacements in mind. PSG must acquire a legitimate keeper, sound familiar? And finally, make some bold moves! They must find some difference making players, otherwise they will be destined to chase Lyon, Marseilles and the like.

I fear that we will just see more of the same PSG soap opera this off season.

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