Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hazard to PSG....really? Seriously? Let's take a deep breath and think about this...

Wow...the latest rumor is that PSG is preparing a bid of 31.5m Euros and Erding for the young winger. The very fact that PSG is rumored to be in the chase for the player is exciting, yet I remain cautious. Clearly the new majority owners of PSG are willing to splash the cash around, or at least give that impression. Let us not forget that 31.5m Euros + Erding (valued at 10m Euros) is in the same neighborhood as the rumored 41m Euro transfer fee from Barcelona to Arsenal for Cesc. But I am concerned about a few areas:

  • Where is this money coming from? The true source of Qatar backers is still a bit of a mystery. Are they associated with the royal family or have some of their funds under management? 
  • Is there a long term plan for PSG or are we seeing a mini-Manchester City? Granted MCFC will be playing Champions League next season and won the FA Cup, but let us see how things look in Manchester in 5 seasons.
  • Who is running footballing operations at PSG? With the new ownership in place I am a bit confused as to where the direction is coming. Kombouare remains the manager, but no one believes his tenure will be long. So who is there to make some of the player decisions? Rumor is Hazard was flown to Qatar to meet with the investors...but who was there from PSG sporting side?
Maybe I should just sit back and enjoy this while it lasts, it cannot be any worse than the dysfunctional club I am used to! I do hope that there is a long term plan, a plan that calls for sound sporting and business decisions. While the recent run at Manchester City might excite some, I do not necessarily want to become the next Leeds United, something that might strike ManCity if their investors get bored with their footballing toy! I realize that what happened to Leeds was not exactly the same, but their run to the Champions League semis was followed by undisciplined spending based on expected revenue streams that were not tenable.

So PSG, go get Hazard if you can, that would be a coupe, but promise me that you have a plan and a vision and aren't just buying to make headlines!

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