Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What it means to be a sports fan...

One thing I am is a sports fan...shocking I realize. One thing I have had the privilege during my fan hood has been to see my teams win championships.

Celtics, Red Sox, Steelers, Arsenal and PSG (well neither have won the trophy with the big ears!) Of course I saw my beloved Les Bleus win the Euros in 1984, 2000 and the World Cup in 1998 (plus 2 Confederation Cups!!!).  The one title I have not seen...the Stanley Cup. The last time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup was right before I came to this world. Tonight that might all change. This made me ponder what it means to be a fan.

Truth be told I have hesitate to watch too much of the Bruins' run, why? Because they were my first Boston sports team love and also my first heartbreak. The teams with Neely and Bourque that faced off against the Oilers of Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, etc etc were a team that really piqued my interests. But then they let me down, not because of anything they controlled but because they faced arguably one of the greatest hockey teams ever. The last few seasons when I allowed myself to slowly get behind them again...and then kapooowwww - game 7 against the Carolina Whalers and the melt down against the Flyers...ugh. And now we are on the verge of putting those let downs behind us...much like 2004 and the Red Sox erasing the pain from 1986 and 2003...or Les Bleus in 1984 erasing (somewhat) the pain from 1982.

And that is the beauty of sports and what being a fan is all about. In our lives we go through ups and downs, obviously more serious that those associated with a simple game. However sometimes the ability to escape from our real jobs our real problems and lose ourselves into living vicariously through a group of players whether on ice, the pitch, the diamond, the gridiron, the court who take us away and allow us to live a "dream." Albeit for a few hours and albeit in fantasy land. However sometimes the escape to fantasy land is a necessary place for us to go. For that reason I will soak in all of this game 7. A fan never knows when his or her team will be back in the playoffs let alone one game away from winning a title, so one must enjoy it when those opportunities come around.

History is stacked against the Bruins - game 7s for road team does not look good, Luongo looks like Patrick Roy playing at home.....but that is what makes sports so engrossing, no baseball team had come back from 0-3 against their most hated rival. But the Red Sox did in 2004. No way a team comes back on Italy after being down 1-0 with little time on the clock...but France did in 2000. History will be made tonight, I hope it is the black and gold that is the one lifting the cup!

Lets go Bruins. Bring home the Cup tonight!!!


josemanes said...

Well said, Guy. Sports can be a good outlet, refuge, or escape as you mentioned....And Congratulations on the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup tonight!!!

GFC said...

Thanks Bro!

Anonymous said...

we've waited a long time for that cup.

They should make a billboard that is nothing but a photo of the 2 world series trophies, 3 NFL trophies, 1 NBA trophy, and the Stanley Cup together, and put it on every road into boston.

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