Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Give them credit - PSG's new ownership is not afraid to shake the tree

PSG has been making lots of noise this transfer season, whether through their actions: signing Gameiro and Douchez or the rumors: Benitiz as manager...do not like rumor AT ALL. Now PSG is rumored to be sniffing at acquiring the Bulgarian striker Berbatov from Manchester United and now they have approached the #1 transfer target in Ligue 1: Eden Hazard. Wow. Now I am not sure PSG stands a real chance at acquiring the Belgium starlet, especially with the likes of Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or even Inter Milan sniffing around the young player. Just the very fact they are looking to explore the option, invite the player to come meet the ownership, gauge what would have to be done to get him. That is promising.

Give the new PSG ownership credit...they are not sitting idly by!


Anonymous said...

PSG is also apparently interested in Eto'o. It seems the focus is more on attacking players than defenders...

GFC said...

I think PSG realizes that they need to bolster the attack. Giuly is getting old, Hourau seems to have dropped in form, Erding is on his way out and PSG's form dipped once Nene came back down to earth! So they need to add some offensive fire power.

The rumor of Matuidi would be a replacement for Makelele. However they will need to hold on to Sakho and figure out a back up plan for Armand if he leaves.

Regardless it is interesting times for PSG!

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