Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rafa at PSG...please...this must be a bad joke

There are rumors that the former Liverpool and Inter Milan skipper, Rafa Benitez might be in line to manage PSG. Um....okay....haahaaaa...funny. But seriously. I realize that he has won a Champions League and has a certain cache; however, he remains a terrible manager. One who spends like drunken sailor and then says he has no money. I realize he is very good at knock out style management, but what PSG need is manager that will build from within, make some shrewd signings and manage for the long championship season.  I would rather have a manager in the mold of Wenger: sign a number of up and coming youth players, make a few veteran signings and get into the Champions League to fill the coffers. Unlike Wenger, however, I would like some silverware along the way. Rafa is none of these...on the contrary he is of the manager that views high transfer sums as a solution to a poorly performing squad and cannot seem to manage for the duration of the season.

I hope that sane minds prevail in Paris and that we go after a lesser "name" of a manager but one that is more likely to bring success to PSG.


Anonymous said...

In better news (well, ok, rumors), Menez and Varane are considering joining PSG (instead of clubs like Man. Utd., R. Madrid, Milan).

GFC said...

I have heard that, although Varane is supposedly high on Mourinho's wish list; however, the young French defender realizes he might not get the amount of playing time he wants/needs if he heads to Madrid.

Menez would be very nice as well and now Berbatov is supposedly on the list as well. Clearly the Qatar petrodollars are kicking in to the PSG coffers.

But Rafa is managing them...ugh.

Anon said...

Champions League winner, another Champions League final, 2x La Liga, FA Cup, UEFA Cup, English League Cup

what a loser Rafa Benitez is!!

GFC said...

His run with Valencia was fantastic, but I argue that were it not for 15 minutes of craziness his Liverpool days would have been cut short.

What worries me is that his last few seasons at Liverpool and his one season at Inter Milan - questionable transfers and poor showings in league play. The fact he constantly complained about not having enough money is troubling as well.

Anonymous said...

He's a top quality manager and a perfect fit for PSG. He massively improved Liverpool over the years until a lack of financial backing. If he was able to continue his progress Liverpool would have won the Premiership by now.

Suggestion that he always wastes money is ludicrious - he made Mascherano, Alonso and Reina (amongst others) who they are today.

Rafa could make PSG a giant of world football if given time. Easily in the top 5 managers in the world. Should be welcomed with open arms.

Frank. said...

In the last few seasons at Liverpool the backing he received was awful. He had to sell to buy so he was criticised when it went wrong. the reason he bought Aquilani was because Roma owed Liverpool £8mil for the purchase of John Arne Riise and the owners said he would only be able to buy from clubs who owed Liverpool money. There are very little players Rafa bought at Liverpool who are either not there still now or weren't sold for a profit. Torres - BF £25m SF £50m. Alonso - BF £12.5M SF £32M, Mascherano - now playing for Barcelona. Reina, Lucas, Agger a vital spine of the team which is still in place now.

His 1/3 season at Inter Milan was a little of a null point. He was 5th choice from the start and was never truly backed in the transfer markets. Aquilani was always labelled as a questionable buy. Add major injuries which at one point meant that 7 first teamers were out and it was a recipe for disaster. PSG would be an excellent proposition for Rafael Benitez as it would allow him to build without having to sell players to buy new ones.

So sorry, but you are simply chatting out your arse.

Anonymous said...

So clueless.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Arsenawl! Lavvly fuitbaaaawl!

Anonymous said...

GFC, how can you say his last few seasons at Anfield were shite? The season before he left he finished 2nd you whopper!

Rafa is an amazing manager and an even better person. PSG would be lucky to have him so stop chatting out your ass!

YNWA Rafa.

Anonymous said...

Rafa's last few seasons at Liverpool were anything but Rafa's fault. Liverpool's owners were very cheap, very hands-on, and very stupid. Rafa really didn't have anything to work with, and he still managed to keep a mid-table Liverpool side in Europe.

His reputation is mostly due to the intentionally myopic treatment the English media gave him, after he publically suggested that Alex Ferguson writes the Premier League fixture list.

GFC said...

Rafa never showed me he could manage for a league title. Win a knock out tourney, no doubt, league not so much.

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