Monday, July 12, 2010

Toulalan: one of the "leaders" of the French mutiny?

In an other aftershock from the French team mutiny - a player we all thought was one of the "good guys" has now come out and spoken in depth about his participation. Clearly the malaise was no confined to a few players, according to Toulalan he was one of the catalysts behind the infamous letter that emerged from the bus. He has stepped up and said he is ready and willing to accept any punishment that might come down on him and his team mates. Of course current commentator and outspoken former French international, Lizarazu, had blasted the Lyon player. Saying the situation was even worse than once thought. Liza calls out Toulalan's judgment and had always thought of him as a smarter player who would have handled himself better. Ouch. So the soap opera continues to play itself soon can August 11th come? Once France gets back on the pitch and we get a first glimpse of Laurent Blanc as the new manager we can finally put this fiasco behind us.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps this will quiet some of the more nasty and racist assertions about this incident. I believe that Toulalan is about as errmm "purely French" as one can probably get.