Monday, July 19, 2010

FIFA goal line technology...wait until October

Sigh, once again Sepp Blatter has found a way to push off the whole goal line technology debate for another few months. Not really a surprise. After Sepp gave some lip service that FIFA would review the usage of technology in the game, under pressure from what was an egregious missed called in the Germany v England game, the Swiss has now found a way to stall the actual debate. Should we really be surprised? No. I hope that in October FIFA will actually review and then implement goal line technology - even starting with all the international competitions and then putting in a plan to roll this out to all the domestic leagues. Sepp and his merry band of yes men better not hope that delaying this debate and decision will make it go away.

We can wear sneakers that will work with our iPod to play the right music for the way we are running, but still are not sure if we need simple technology to tell officials if a ball has crossed a line....let us hope this is rectified in October.

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