Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FIFA world rankings...why they are completely rubbish

So the first FIFA world rankings, post World Cup finals, are out. For once they are not completely rubbish since the two finalists from the World Cup are ranked 1 and novel...finish first and second in the global football tournament...and you get ranked as such in the FIFA rankings! WOW!!! Don't laugh, in the world rankings in 1998 after France DEFEATED Brazil 3-0 in the World Cup finals, Brazil was still ranked #1.  The top 20 -

Jul 10
+/- Ranking
May 10
+/- Pts
May 10
1Spain Spain18831Up318
2Netherlands Netherlands16592Up428
3Brazil Brazil1536-2Down-75
4Germany Germany14642Up382
5Argentina Argentina12892Up213
6Uruguay Uruguay115210Up253
7England England11251Up57
8Portugal Portugal1062-5Down-187
9Egypt Egypt10533Up86
10Chile Chile9888Up100
11Italy Italy982-6Down-202
12Greece Greece9751Up11
13USA USA9691Up12
13Serbia Serbia9692Up22
15Croatia Croatia968-5Down-73
16Paraguay Paraguay96115Up141
17Russia Russia956-6Down-59
18Switzerland Switzerland9406Up74
19Slovenia Slovenia9176Up57
20Australia Australia9110Equal25

A couple of things that make this rubbish once again:
  • England went up 1 spot??? Huh??? They got throttled by Germany 4-1 and they did not even win their group, yet they move up? Explain that one to me.
  • Egypt ranked 9th? Um what group were they in at the World Cup? Oh right they were home watching because they did not qualify. I realize they are the title holders for the African Cup of Nations, but not making the big show should knock you out of the top 10.
  • Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay were the biggest movers on the positive side, deserved...that is not rubbish.
  • France on the other hand dropped all the way to 21st, that is rubbish!! Should have dropped below 25 behind Ghana and Mexico!
These ranks are pretty useless, mainly because no one really understands how they are generated. Well at least no one that is not in the Blatter camp! Here is an idea, after every World Cup we reset the rankings. Rank all World Cup nations as the "best 32" and the rest fall into place based on how they finished qualification and some magic. At least that would give the rankings some semblance of reality. Integrate the different regional championships into the ranking when appropriate. That would give a better or at least a somewhat more realistic World Ranking.

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