Monday, July 19, 2010

Paris St Germain major signing? According to...TMZ!

Okay take this one with a grain of salt, ok maybe a whole truck load. Rumor is that PSG has approached Iniesta to make a huge move for the Barcelona midfielder. I am sure it has been a slow day in football news so the fact Iniesta was seen with the owner of Colony Capital which owns PSG means the Spanish dynamo is headed to the French capital. Another reason why this needs to be taken with a grain of was reported on TMZ.

Of course couple this with the fact PSG has had a very solid pre-season already, winning 3 out of 3 matches. New recruit Nene, from Monaco, is looking solid. Add to this the potential of bringing in former Arsenal captain Gallas, yes I realize he has lost a step and his shenanigans in South Africa do not make him the player he once was, but for PSG he would be a huge acquisition. Of course PSG needs to hold on to the likes of Sessegnon, Hourau and Sakho for them to have the potential of a good season.

We will see, unfortunately I fear that all this "good" will revert back to the usual PSG in a few months...sigh. What happened to the days PSG had Bats in goal, Rocheteau up front and Fernandez patrolling the midfield????

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