Friday, July 23, 2010

Laurent Blanc DROPS the hammer. Will not take any of the 23 from South Africa

As was rumored, Laurent Blanc has thrown down the gauntlet and sent a clear message that he is the boss and that every player was guilty of the mutiny in South Africa - none of the 23 players will be taken for Blanc's first match on August 11th against Norway. Well done Laurent. I hope this also puts the woeful exhibit by Les Bleus in South Africa behind and Blanc and the team can move forward.

The last question is whether or not Blanc will take Benzema who is embroiled in an investigation about his actions with an under-aged prostitute. While Benzema remains innocent until guilty, he has been placed under judicial investigation which is not where you want to be!  It will be interesting who Blanc looks to, he has been at the U19 European Championships, maybe looking at Kakuta or Griezmann to see if he would like to get a deeper look at these up and coming French stars. The French do have enough depth to compete against Norway and beyond, read this post to see who France could call up, how Blanc handles the reintegration of the "South Africa 23" will be an interesting test in leadership.

Some highlights of France's 4-1 opening game victory against Holland in the U19 Euros.

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