Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Titi Henry coming soon to a MLS pitch near you!

So the worst kept secret - Titi Henry is coming to the MLS signing with Red Bull New York. Of course this has lost some of its luster after the "Hand of Gaul" coupled with France's debacle at the World Cup makes the Henry glow much less bright. Which I think might not be a bad thing for the former Barcelona man. Why? Unlike when Golden Balls arrived in LA from Real Madrid, coupled with massive promotional fanfare and hoopla, this signing has been rather quiet. Granted, Henry does not have the same marketing halo that Beckham brings along. However on the international scene, Henry has had a similar level of success, arguably more at some points. He is the leading goal scorer for his nation with 51 goals, has won the Champions League, FA Cup, EPL, World Cup and European Cup. For a few seasons he was the most dangerous striker in England maybe all of the soccer world.

So now Titi will take his talents and goal scoring ability to the MLS without the fanfare one might have otherwise expected. Which is a good thing, he will not have the inflated expectations that surrounded Beckham. Nor will Henry have to live up to untenable expectations. Granted it will not be a picnic...I am sure he will bear some of the Irish fans' ire during his matches as well as being a target for MLS players trying to make names for themselves - similar to what Becks goes through! Henry will most likely not walk on the pitch and score 25 goals nor make mazy runs nor hit volleys from 30 yards, but he still has enough in his legs to form a formidable partnership with Angel spearheading the Red Bull attack.

It will be interesting to see how Henry does in the MLS. I think he will be a productive player, will have moments of brilliance and he will be a good spokesperson for the game. Hopefully he will have a chance to rebuild his image, that took a hit in South Africa.

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