Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Another usage of the France team bus - Throw Domenech under it!

The latest and greatest from team dysfunctional - William Gallas lays the majority of the blame on the South African fiasco at the feet of the manager - Domenech. Easy to do. But not entirely surprising.

The former Arsenal captain states that the players were fed up with the ill prepared and un-motivating gaffer...not a news bulletin there. Gallas also alludes to the fact he found out he was not the captain upon entering the changing room and seeing the arm band on Evra's kit. While this might seem nonsensical, the fact that during a match early in the qualifying campaign, Malouda discovered he would not suit up for the match upon entering the dressing room and not seeing his kit laid out...maybe Domenech doesn't know how to type up his list prior to matches. Finally Domenech told Gallas that he would not make a good captain anyways...this might be a "he said - he said" situation, but if that statement was uttered...then why did you make Gallas your vice-captain to start with??

Clearly Domenech will and should bear the brunt of the blame for what took place in South Africa, Escalettes a close second and not too far behind the players themselves. Laurent Blanc and the rest of the powers that be at the FFF need to allow this to subside and then lay down the law. Make a break from this disaster and move on to the Euro qualifiers. From what I heard in his press conference I think Blanc is fully aware and prepared to do the necessary to ensure this happens.

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